Animal Reiki Healing - FAQs


Is Reiki effective on dogs?

Reiki healing can be effective on dogs of all sizes, breeds, and temperament.  Whether from a loving, happy home or in a rescue centre, Reiki can help healthy dogs to maintain their energy balance and promote strong health and well-being.  For animals nearing the end of their life, Reiki healing gives them gentle, loving support in this process.

I take time to ensure the dog is completely at ease with me before the treatment begins.  It helps for the sessions to be performed in surroundings familiar to the animal, at a place where it feels safe.   When a dog receives Reiki, it will relax, and can often feel very sleepy, so much so that it may choose to lie down for the duration of the session!   Energy is transmitted from me to the animal as I place my hands directly on the dog, or hovering above.  Sessions last from 30-60 minutes,and this is  dependant upon the size of the dog and the condition which is being treated.  A course of 4 sessions is ideal, with periodical top-ups to maintain the energy levels.


My cat is very nervous around strangers.  How can you perform a Reiki treatment if you can’t get near him?

Cats are especially sensitive to Reiki energy and will benefit greatly from the approach of treating from a distance, meditatively and respectfully "offering" rather than physically and actively "giving" Reiki with physical contact (as is often done in human Reiki treatments). This is called Distant Reiki Healing.  Incorporating this philosophy with all cats, even those comfortable and familiar with humans, results in a greater openness from the animals and thus greater successes in their treatments. 


What conditions can Reiki help for cats?

Reiki can create relaxation and peace in even the most nervous or stressed cats, so it is ideal for cats living in loving homes, as well as cats in shelters and rescue homes, and feral cats. 


Can Reiki treatment be performed on horses?

Yes it can.  The horse must feel at ease and in their normal surroundings and routine as much as possible in order to get the most from the treatment. It is preferable to have a Reiki session after their feed, and when they are not going to get worked, as it will leave them feeling very relaxed.  Some horses take a nap soon after as part of the healing process!

If they are under veterinary care you must obtain their permission for reiki treatment to be given and they may even want to be present.


How long is a Reiki session on a horse?

I would recommend up to an hour, whether distant Reiki healing or hands-on Reiki healing, however the horse will dictate when he/she has had enough, usually by walking away. If it is a shorter session it does not mean it has been less successful as some horses, like some people, take up and use the healing energy a lot more effectively than others.


How will my horse respond during a Reiki treatment?

During a session, which can be hands on or hovering the hands just above the area or even from a distance, whatever your horse is more comfortable with, they will respond to the healing energy in various ways. These include a lowering of the head and a softening of the eyes, chewing and licking, sighing and sometimes they are so relaxed their eyes close completely.

Like a person recovering from illness or responding to treatment, your horse will need quiet and rest and may need to drink more water to help flush out toxins from the body.


Can you perform Reiki on small animals such as hamsters and guinea pigs?

When working on small animals (mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, frogs, and birds), I would cup my hands gently around their bodies, without pressure as this will allow the animal to be surrounded by Reiki energy within my cupped hands.  If the animal is asleep, I would keep my hands just above the surface of their skin so as not to disturb them.  I can also perform distant reiki healing if the animal is very nervous or difficult to hold in my cupped hands.

If the case of caged wild birds or fish in a tank, I would perform a 20-30 minute Reiki session by placing hands around the cage or tank to allow the energy to flow .so the animal can absorb the energy they need.


Can you treat wild, dangerous or poisonous animals with Reiki?

Yes I can, but prefer to keep to distant reiki healing for obvious reasons!