'My name is Sam Jamieson. I am a Reiki Master / Teacher, based in Looe, Cornwall, who specialises in providing Reiki healing treatments for adults, children and animals.'

'My journey started with the condition that I have had all my life called Aspergers. This is a communication disorder, which makes it hard for me to express my true sensitivity and for my caring nature to be fully understood in some adult relationships. On the other hand it allows me to relate to both animals and children at a deeper level of understanding. It is rewarding to know that my Reiki techniques have helped people and animals to find relief and peace in a non-verbal environment, and for them to find balance within the healing energy.'

'I was trained as a Reiki Master over a 3 year period by Suzanne Cambray at Journey to the Heaert and Soul, using the Usui method pioneered by the founder of Reiki, Dr Usui. I am also gaining a deeper understanding of animals and animal communication by working with the help of James French at Reiki Care the founder of the Trust Technique for animal communication.'

'In the past I have worked as a primary school teaching assistant and in catering and horticulture in UK. I have travelled to and worked in Australia and also New Zealand where I was born. But in Reiki I have found a peaceful vocation which can provide me with personal satisfaction and more importantly healing for animals and people.'

Sam Jamieson, Reiki Master


My Training Lineage

This is similar to a family tree, it shows Sam's link through Reiki Masters back to
 Dr Usui.